August 8, 2019

Issue #1

Who We Are

The Ohio Gas Access Partnership, or OGAP, is a coalition of businesses and community stakeholders that are working together to find solutions for our region’s energy needs. OGAP currently includes members from Franklin, Union, Madison, and Logan Counties and our footprint is continuing to grow. This region is one of the fastest growing areas in the state. Our members are committed to making sure that communities in Central Ohio are equipped to benefit from this projected growth by ensuring that we have critical access to affordable energy solutions.

We want our region to continue to be a great place to raise a family and operate a business. Access to energy, including natural gas, is essential to our current residents and businesses, as well as residents and businesses looking to move here in the future. A recent study1 showed that natural gas capacity limitations may have a large impact on future growth opportunities in the region. In fact, in Union County, natural gas capacity may be fully utilized within 5 years at the current growth rate and uncertain gas supply in Madison County continues to limit growth opportunities for some businesses.

A Collaborative Solution

The good news is that Ohio has an abundant supply of natural gas and access to a network of more than 11 major transmission pipelines and many smaller pipelines that operate every day to provide energy to homes and businesses. Our coalition’s goal is to work collaboratively throughout the region to identify strategies and work with residential and industry partners to help our communities gain access to these abundant energy resources.

Energy is essential for smart growth. We are poised to work together to find a solution that supports balanced and sustainable industrial, commercial and residential development throughout the region.