December 20, 2019

Columbia Gas Files Pipeline Application

Earlier today, Columbia Gas of Ohio filed an application to construct the Marysville Connector pipeline project with the Ohio Power Siting Board (see link to application here). This 4.7 mile long project will be constructed using 12-inch, coated steel pipe with a wall thickness of 0.375 inches and a maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP) of 190 pounds per square inch gauge.

Source: Columbia Gas

The application may be approved in as little as 90 days, however, construction for the project would not begin until February 2022 with a targeted in-service date of late 2022. The long delay between approval and in-service appears to be due to the fact that the pipeline is contingent upon completion of a larger project in Delaware and Franklin Counties. This Northern Loop project, which is in the planning phase now, is expected to be routed through southern Delaware and Union Counties to northwest Franklin County where it will connect to the existing Columbia Gas system. This part of the project is not expected to receive approval until 2021, with construction beginning in 2022, and without it there will be no gas source to supply the Marysville Connector.

For several months, OGAP has been seeking information from Columbia Gas to determine if the proposed Northern Loop/Marysville Connector project provides a comprehensive, regional, long-term solution to our energy needs or is simply a short-term fix. While we have requested additional information on several occasions, Columbia Gas has not provided the information necessary for us to conduct an analysis of the proposed project. So while we appreciate that they finally recognize the region’s need for new gas supplies, we are not yet confident this project offers a comprehensive, regional, long-term solution.

Today’s filing by Columbia provides only some of the details we have been seeking. Our plan is to file as an intervenor with the Ohio Power Siting Board as the process should help identify information necessary to conduct a thorough analysis on behalf of our residents and local businesses. Finally, it’s important to note the filing does not obligate Columbia Gas to build the pipeline as described; they may modify or even cancel the project in the future.

OGAP looks forward to working with all parties to develop a cost-effective, regional solution to deliver sufficient energy today and in the decades to come.